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December 18, 2014... Even though there is not much going on now, I believe that in order to get the life I've always wanted such as a good house, loving family, and of course a lovable pet. I need to have good grades and listen to my family. Graduate college and become a doctor. :-) Hi everyone, right now you might be asking, "who am I". Well My names Lahly and right now I am listing what I do everyday now on, like right now. Well I don't know about you or anyone reading this but this typical life being a teenage is really hard. I don't know why but I keep having concerns that, "what if" thingy I am having right now. For example, what if when I get married how am I suppose to know to show my partner, that I know how to lead the way on having a child? What if I messed up every time I tried my best? What if I became a doctor and made a mistake on the first day of my job? What if my dream doesn't come true? All of these, "what if" Are the problems I am having right now. I don't know if the community is holding up the good way or the bad ways. 6-7 pm... I am about to sleep right now guys, but my oldest brother yeeleng needs my help to take out the trash can. But before any of these stuff when I was about, 13-14, I have had interest in watching porn. I believe almost every teenage out there have gone through the same as I did. I believe that watching these stuff at my age is not good. I know, I know, but to all of the people out there and the police too, or the Law enforcement thingy. I respect and love all of you for keeping my country safe for us from the outsiders. :-) Keep up the good work guys. Let's go back to the subject, porn. I believe it is not any of our kids or teens fault for watching any of these type of stuff at our age. It is our community and the one that made up the idea of taping sex and making porn. Community and why? Because if you have had been strict and kept your whatever rented porn tape out of reach and told your child to not watch any underrated stuff this would have not happened. I Will admit that at my age as a teen 15 years old I am still watching those porn. I am interested in know what in older age 25 to 30s. Its so weird that just 45 minutes ago I typed in asian teen porn and I clicked on a website and something popped up. It says FBI.ATTENTION, something something something something and child pornography, and if I am not guilty sign in here and pay 100$. When this popped up I was surprised to see this actually. Because are these people or whoever made this up not smart? Who started porn? And sex tape? If long ago law has said that making porn tape or any of porn website is forbidden therefore you can't and if you did you will be spending life in jail for the rest of your life. I mean like, guy can't you think rightfully for once? It is not our fault or this generations fault. It is the laws fault for not realizing that taping porn or videoing porn will leading to this so now child pornography. I mean like if this thing that popped up saying that I need to pay 100$ to get away, this is messed up! If this is true and police or FBI or whatever comes to my house to get me to jail for having a mindset for child pornography, I will tell them up face to face that I was trying to go to teen porn for 18-20 years old porn, is that child pornography? No this is teen PERIOD TEEN IS NOat CHILD ANYMORE CHILD IS FIRSTBORN BABY TO 17 YEARS OF AGE IS WHAT IM CONSIDERING. I am ready to make the whole world realize and know that it is not my fault here if I get arrested for this because I was found interested in teen porn age 18-20. LoL. It is not child anymore. And I am willing to admit I did watch porn. But I believe I'm not the only one watching it at this age, there are lots and lots out there. I will say that I did watch porn and searched up teen porn, I am not into those kind of under age stuff. It is so nasty thinking about it child porn. And child porn? Ewwww! Omg-d nasty! Rape not my thing I wouldn't do it to mess up my dream of being a doctor and having a loving family of my own. :-) If you want to here more about my life please give me feedbacks and thumbs up! I will publish more of my life book online so you guys can know about my life! :-) Sincerely, Lahly 
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